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Profectio is a project by Tukyo and Bunta to release a full length album with individual art for every composition.
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Profectio (genitive profectiōnis);


Fundamentals · Introduction · The Great Hunt · Figurehead · In Conclusion

| Fundamentals


The Five Figureheads

| Maelynoch

| Kratis

| Wynona

| Glorian

| Hyatti

| Introduction


| King Snapi was the first of the Ciraelians to evolve far enough to develop hands and fingers. These evolutions allowed the Ciraelians to build and grow as a society, no longer moving day to day, moment to moment without a grasp of physicality and the space around them.

They knew of their existence and the world, but did not have a way to interact with it, Snapi changed this. King Snapi gave the Ciraelians the ability to build the kingdom and now resides on the Throne of Corrus in the city of Cordova. The King is not just or kind, or mean or cruel, these concepts do not exist to the Ciraelians as they have no time nor need for these concepts in the vast empty space of Cirra. Presently, you see the results of this Profectiōnem. We should however, turn back time, so that we may know how this all began.

Before all this began, the universe was formless and without structure, needing no interaction or reaction from anything that existed within. Some still consider the creation of existence, form, and matter to be the wrong decision made by Deaus, however it cannot be undone.

The last decision that Deaus made, was the creation of existence and when this route was chosen, Deaus was sacrificed, becoming the center of the universe, however a small portion of Deaus was saved. This piece would reside in the realm that was created. When this happened, that of Deaus which was sacrificed took the form of an everlasting black hole, known to the Ciraelians as “Inanis”, from which all gravity is produced, and from which came the Five Figureheads and King Snapi. The figureheads were named as such: Maelynoch, Kratis, Wynona, Glorian, and Hyatti.

As each one of the figureheads descended, matter extruded from Inanis and gave life, death and meaning to nothing. This Coherent Mess is the direct result of Deaus’ sacrifice; an unexpected outcome of design, emerging from that which knows none. Of these emerging concepts, the first being life, was given to King Snapi and thus began the dawn of the Ciraelians; another mistake that was yet to be known.

King Snapi was created as a proxy for Deaus, the first profectio. Deaus had no way to interact with what had been created, doomed to an eternally distant void that was indeterminately close, yet also boundlessly distant from Cirra. King Snapi possessed a small essence of Deaus, enough to guide the figureheads through the vast reaches of space, to the place that would be called home, Cirra.

When the Figureheads and King Snapi descended to the newly formed land, there was a moment of reprise, before the Bulla Benne was created and life flowed endlessly. For this creation to come into fruition, a sacrifice was needed. This was the sole purpose of King Snapi, and why all Ciraelians have but a fraction of King Snapi’s essence within. The version of the King that rules from the Throne of Corrus is but a shell of the descended King Snapi. Thankfully, the Figureheads are still intact and reside in proximity to the throne.

Unfortunately, the sacrifice made by the King, created yet another mess, one less coherent than the last. King Snapi’s mess was unbeknownst to all which would exist, indeed, since it did not yet exist.

When looking at a clock, one does not divulge into the workings of the clock and how it produces time. The purpose of this gaze towards time is functional, and normally with the intent of, seeing what time it is. So please know that even though coherency can be found within the inter workings of all life, this coherency is but a design of the fundamental process that has been developed to perceive the entropy of the mistakes made by those deemed “holy” within this story.

Such a powerful story, naturally, gave rise to many secrets that were spread throughout the lands, a purpose for the newly formed beings to discover and enjoy. The secret lies within the hills. The plethora of beings that flowed from the Bulla Benne took flight, in search of these secrets. When the first was found, Hyatti requested an audience.

Due to this discovery, Hyatti bestowed her presence, and when she entered the room this declaration was made: “A celebration is required, something to signify the beginning. It is only a matter of time before this becomes tradition, a reoccurring evening.” As Hyatti began to leave the stage, she turned, as to let out one final piece of information: “The greatest secret of all, lies within genesis, someone must seek the beginning and the answer will be revealed.”

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| The Great Hunt


| After this moment, an eruption of culture, discovery and exploration was on the horizon for the Ciraelians. Many of them, leaving the newly founded Naiwatha Village to venture onward through the vast deserts of Cirra. The next discovery was Caranatus Pyramid, or “Dearborne”, as the ones who discovered it later began to call it. Within this vast pyramid were the tools needed for the Ciraelians to build and prosper. Half of these tools were taken back to Naiwatha and the other half, sent with the venturing party to continue building at a later location. This location, once discovered, would be known as “Nowan”.

The creation of a new place of dwelling, so similar in concept to Naiwatha, birthed the art of competition, and with this the art of war. The Great Hunt was no longer a peaceful endeavor, as the dueling towns realized the necessity of these discoveries for their own prosperity. Nowan used their tools to build giant crates, large enough to hold whatever treasures they would discover.

Naiwatha used their tools to expand the city, to welcome wandering Ciraelians and provide a hospitable place for all to reside. The irony in this, is that both places, themselves, became treasures of this world, as many centuries later songs of the Crates of Nowan and Naiwatha sound through the halls of the Palace of Cordova.

The Great Hunt raged for almost two centuries before the Five Figureheads gathered in Cordova once again, to put an end to all the violence. A contract was signed, a smart contract directly from the void of Inanis. Within this contract, a key to the seed of Cordova. This key was split in two, one placed in each respective village as a peace offering. Any Ciraelian who wished to enter the city of Cordova, must now touch both keys before entering, meaning that if either village held animosity towards any individual, they would no longer have access to the benevolence of King Snapi.

| Figurehead


| Now that the contract was signed and consensus was in place for the rite of passage to Cordova, the Five Figureheads took their respective journey to a new place of rest. Each one creating a new concept for the Ciraelians to learn, grow and evolve. You may consider these concepts, tools. The purpose of each Figurehead was to be revealed.

Maelynoch ascended directly into the heavens, creating light to see when darkness rose. Adopting many names from this display, Luna, Moon, Mael de Moon. Never to return to Cirra, this was the destiny of Maelynoch.

Wynona took flight, around Cirra numerous times. Behind her followed gusts of wind that blew the sands of the desert into whirlwinds. Her power, combined with Maelynoch, brought life unto the bodies of water encompassing Cirra. Movement was never seen among nature before this moment, as the winds carried pollen, seeds and living beings all over the lands.

Glorian provided a will to endure for the Ciraelians. He made his way across the desert to the Bulla Benne and created structure for the vast hole, from which the Ciraelians were ever flowing. This structure formed a clear path out of the depths and into the world for the Ciraelians. Think of Glorian as a guide, to help those navigate conception into life, and all things thereafter.

Hyatti returned to Naiwatha Village to partake in the spoils and company of the Ciraelians. Falling in love, creating music, frivolous gatherings. These are just some of the benefits that were gifted from Hyatti unto the Ciraelians.

The final Figurehead at the Throne of Corrus was Kratis. His light was growing dim, as it had been from the beginning. This was something that did not seem fair to Kratis, as all the others brought blessings to Cirra, and Kratis was left with only a dim light, barely enough to illuminate a cellar.

Because of this, Kratis grew restless and when the time came for departure, the first scelus was committed. Kratis took the final remaining energy from the shell of King Snapi and left behind a husk. With this power, Kratis travelled to the Bulla Benne and dove directly into the center. Glorian was unable to stop Kratis, due to the fact that Kratis was empowered by the light of King Snapi.

Kratis was immediately thrown from the vast depths of the Bulla Benne, into the sky and swept fiercely upwards by the winds produced by Wynona. This caused Kratis to be thrown into the realm above Cirra, with Maelynoch. A burst of light blanketed all of Cirra when the two Figureheads met in the outer realm. This glorious light was too great for Maelynoch to contain, and the power was absorbed by Kratis.

An ever flowing aurora was produced as the Ciraelians and the Figureheads all witnessed the true potential of Kratis in full glory.

The aurora almost undoubtedly gathered power directly from Inanis, consuming the void in the process of its creation. With the link to Inanis severed, the Bulla Benne became arid, causing Glorian to seek refuge in Nowan.

With the Bulla Benne dried out, no more Ciraelians were brought into Cirra, and with King Snapi’s shell vanquished of its last light, the Ciraelians and remaining Figureheads were bound to this plane with no other bridges to travel.

Maelynoch and Kratis were now locked in eternal battle in the realm above Cirra, each blow struck on the other created yet another brilliant burst of color throughout the aurora. Glorian and Hyatti remained on Cirra, formulating a plan of coexistence, while both scheming behind the other to get the upper hand.

Wynona became a guide for lost Ciraelians, as war raged between the figureheads. Ciraelians were easily caught in between and forced to pick sides, normally simply chosen by if Naiwatha Village or Nowan was home. There were many who did not want to make this decision and let the winds of Wynona sweep them into the air. Without fail, each and every Ciraelian who was carried by the winds ended up in Caranatus Pyramid.

With one final gust, Wynona slammed shut the doors of Caranatus and all lost Ciraelians were sealed inside. They did not fear, however, as Wynona carried each and every one of them she instilled peace, by letting them have a small glimpse into the future. An artifact, a legendary piece of art will be uncovered, and be the key to both the doors of Caranatus and the restoration of Inanis, revitalizing the Bulla Benne.

| In Conclusion


| Consider this, but a synopsis of the Greater Tales of King Snapi. Hopefully as the Ciraelians continue to explore, more understanding and knowledge can be siphoned from the lands. There has already been more discovered since these events, of which we can discuss briefly.

There was a legendary piece of art, originating from when Kratis and Maelynoch collided, forming along the aurora. This legendary piece of art is said to have spawned from the last, final shard of Inanis’ power. Making this the artifact that Wynona gave a brief glimpse of.

There is a Ciraelian, the first to create a nomen, “Banto”. Banto is a renowned artifact and treasure hunter who believes that the legendary piece of art has fallen from the aurora and ended up in Cirra. If this were to be true, a new renaissance is on the horizon for the Ciraelians.

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Here rests the artifact known as “Profectio”

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